Monday, November 11, 2013

Laminate Flooring Update

I am going to do my best to be positive about this, but installing this laminate flooring ended up being so much more difficult than we expected.  Everyone told us that its easy to do, the box said that it was easy to do, the reviews said it was easy to do... well, it was not so easy to do.  

On Day 1 of installation, Joel, my cousin, my brother and my sister's fiance managed to get both bedrooms done, but not without a full day of frustration and hardwork.  It seems that no matter how many times they got the boards into place, one of them kept popping out and they would have to go back and redo it all again.  This ended up being a common theme of the weekend.  We followed all of the directions, watched the videos, the whole bit, but for some reason or another it just was not working for us.

Guest Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Day 2 proved to be even more frustrating, when it took Joel and I almost a full day just to finish this hallway.  My Uncle then came to the rescue and helped us get it done, so that we could move on.  


Then came our numerous failed attempts at starting the living room.  It took six of us a countless amount of hours to get three or four rows done.  I think that this could be the beginning of a bad joke about how many irishmen does it take to put in a damn floor. lol  We ended up having to call it a day, when the sun was gone and we couldn't see anymore, because we have no electricity yet. 

And finally, on Day 3, there seemed to be a little more promise.  Although still a very stressful day, my Uncles, my sister's fiance and Joel were able to figure out the solution to some of the issues, which I still don't quite understand, and complete a majority of the living room. 

 Living Room

The rest of the laminate now needs to wait until the kitchen cabinets are installed, but I think we could all use a much needed break from this project.  However, I cannot wait for it to be done, because even though it was so incredibly frustrating, it came out absolutely beautiful!

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