Saturday, November 2, 2013

House Update

Hello there, long time no see...

I'm sorry for my little vanishing act, but these last few months have been pretty crazy with all of our wedding planning.  I have now officially been married for three weeks!!! I can't believe how fast the wedding came and went.  Now its time to get back to reality, which also means getting back to work on the house. 

The house has come a long way.  After all of our beautiful demo work on it, our contractor started in the summer working on the house.  The house has now been reframed, has new electrical, new plumbing, new AC & Heat, new windows, new insulation, new walls, and new doors.  

Take a look at the progress below...

Our New Front Door & Front Entry
a little bigger, a little brighter

 Kitchen & Dining Room

Living Room

Our New Bathroom & Linen Closet

Now, we are attempting to do the flooring and tiling ourselves (or I mean our family is doing the flooring and tiling while we try to assist).   We are so thankful for the help from our family!

Pictures of our flooring progress to come soon...

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