Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our Visit to the Met

This past Saturday was such a beautiful day that Joel and I decided to take a walk to The Met.  Living just a few blocks away from it, you would think we would go all the time, but I am sad to admit that this was our first time there!  Living in the city, where everything is sooo close, it is often too easy to take it all for granted.  So, we are trying to get off on the right foot this year with taking advantage of living in New York City.

We had a great time at the Met and got to see so many interesting things.

Joel's favorite exhibit was The Temple of Dendur, which was amazing.  It was given to the United States by Egypt as a gift in 1965.  The walls of the temple are full of carvings of religious and mythical concepts.  In front, is a beautiful reflecting pool that represents the Nile.  It was spectacular and so cool to walk inside the temple.

Joel was amazed by the fact that they could transport something so big and recreate it inside the museum, so I did a little more research into the transportation process. 
"The temple was removed from its original site  in 1963 in order to save it from being submerged by the construction of the Aswan High Dam.The stone blocks of the temple weighed more than 800 tons in total with the largest pieces weighing more than 6.5 tons. They were packed in 661 crates and transported to the United States by the freighter S.S. Concordia Star."1

My favorite part was seeing all of the amazing paintings by artists like Van Gogh and Picasso and Monet.  The most exciting for me was seeing Bridge Over A Pond of Water Lillies by Claude Monet.  When I was little I used to have a book about him and this painting and it was amazing to see the actual painting in real life.

All in all, we had a very successful day at The Met.  I am looking forward to the next museum on our list and also to returning to The Met soon.

pics via The Met

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