Sunday, January 23, 2011

Valentine's Day Cookies

I have a small obsession with decorated cookies.  I think they are perfect for so many different occassions.  For events, they can be easily wrapped up in a celephane bag with a pretty bow and become great little gifts for event guests.  And I love the idea of making your own at home and giving them to friends and family.  In my little NYC apartment there is not much room to be this creative, especially in the kitchen, but I look forward to making cute little cookies like these one day.  Here are a few of the most adorable Valentine's Day cookies. 

Fancy Flowers makes great cookie cutters like these, and they showcased them on their blog with this super cute cookies...

I saw these hot cookies on BonBonRoseGirls, but you can order them from CookieMamas on etsy.

And for my personal favorite, I Am Baker came up with this adorable idea of a customized crossword puzzle, where the game is made of cookies and the box is made of cake!

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  1. hi. i have a question. wher can i buy this cutter cookies?