Monday, May 13, 2013

House Demo – Weekend Two

 After the first weekend working in the house, we realized that we were not going to be able to get the entire house gutted by ourselves if we ever wanted to move in this Summer.  So, we asked for a little help from our family.  So, Saturday morning my cousins, Brendan & Brian, came by to help knock stuff down.  And you can see below how a few extra hands really makes a difference. (Thanks guys!) While the boys were in the house doing “demolition,” Brendan's wife, Colleen, and I started a new project, refinishing some furniture.  (Pics on that to come soon)

See below for progress from last weekend:

Kitchen & Dining Room (Before):

Kitchen & Dining Room & Bedroom (After):

Master Bedroom (Before):

Both Bedrooms & Closet (After):

Hallway (Before): 

Hallway (After):

Living Room (Before):

Living Room (After):

We had really wanted an entrance from the garage into the house, so we added one ourselves. LOL. No, but really it just made the most sense to open up the wall there so that we could easily put all of the garbage in the garage until we got a dumpster.  But, we are really going to miss that TV that you can see in the before picture of the living room.  We think it may have been the first flat screen tv, since the screen was flush with the wall and the back of it was sitting on a shelf sticking out the back of the wall into the garage.  CRAZY!!! 

So, lots to do still, but we are making progress.  Also, with most of the walls down we are starting to see how our "Open Floor Plan" is going to look and we cannot wait!

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