Monday, May 6, 2013

House Demo - Weekend One

 After weeks of driving by our soon-to-be house, there were a few changes that we knew we wanted to make right away.  So, Joel did not waste any time getting started. 

First thing to go were the weird, broken, folding doors on the front step, which were pretty much falling off anywyay.

Before (Or In Process)

front steps

The next thing to go were the yellow and brown awnings that were over every window.  We actually tried to rip them down right after we got the keys, but they were on there a little better than we thought.

Outside of House


Picture Coming Soon...

After that my mom, sister and I started working on cleaning up the windows in the back room.  They were disgusting and we wanted to get some air ventilating in the house.  So, we removed the large glass panels and were thrilled to find dozens of dried up bee’s nests in the corners of the frames.  It took us all day to clean up the frames and panels.  But, honestly it made such a difference.

Back Room 2


While we were working on the back room, Joel decided that he was ready to start knocking down some walls.  Joel and Vinnie (my sister's fiance) started with the one between the kitchen and bedroom (soon to be Dining Room).  The first step was removing the make-shift closet/pantry that was created in the doorway between the two rooms.  Then, came the kitchen cabinets.  I made him take these down carefully and very slowly because we were thinking of reusing them for our laundry room, but after discussing further we decided to just get rid of them.  (He was not very happy with me about that because I made him waste so much time being careful with them.)  Then, finally, all that was left was the sledgehammer!  It was so much fun, we all got to take a few swings, but it was much heavier than I expected!

Before (from the bedroom side)

After (from the kitchen side)

Check out some of the beatiful wall paper that was revealed behind the cabinets:

We also removed all of the wallpaper in the living room, which just ripped right off of the walls to reveal more ugly plasterboard walls. Can't wait to knock them all down.

Living Room 3


And took down the beautifully patterned wall boards in the hallway.  Revealing some really nice holes in the walls.  So happy that we are replacing them all.



So, after Weekend One, we were really able to see how much work actually needs to be done, before we can even start rebuilding the house we are planning, but we are loving every second of it (right now).

Until next weekend...

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