Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DIY: Repurposing a Lamp

While we were cleaning out the basement before we moved in we found these wonderful lamps:

I was so excited by them, because I had just seen an article in the HGTV magazine on how to repurpose brass lamps and I was so happy to finally get to try a DIY project!

Joel and I went out and bought the materials that we would need and we got to work.  Here are the HGTV Magazine directions that we followed:

Materials Needed:

painter's tape
fine sanding sponge
spray primer
glossy multi-surface spray paint
fabric glue or hot glue
5/8-inch grosgrain ribbon
a brass lamp

Paint the Base

Remove the lampshade harp (the metal loop around the bulb) and finial (the decorative knob above the shade), if it has them. Use tape to cover any cords or metal parts you don't want painted. Sand the base with the sanding sponge, then prime it (and the finial, too). Let dry. Apply two or three coats of spray paint, letting dry between coats. Remove the tape.

Decorate the Shade

Starting at the back of your new shade (where the seam is), glue the ribbon along the bottom edge, folding the ribbon's ends under to prevent fraying. Repeat at the shade's top edge, then replace the harp and set the shade over it.

Directions from HGTV

Take a look at the end product:

 And here they are with their brand new lampshades (we cheated a little and bought these ones from Lowes). Shhh!

They look so great in our "new apartment."

I cannot wait for our next DIY project...

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