Friday, August 17, 2012

LA Bachelorette Party

You have to check out the pictures from this awesome Bachelorette Party thrown for Amanda of 100 Layer Cake.  Her friends were so creative and the whole thing was totally amazing!  It all sounds like so much fun!
They started with some cocktails and relaxing at the pool at the Mondrian's Outdoor Living Room.
In the afternoon, they brought her up to their hotel room which they had decked out in feather boas and where they had some snacks and champagne set up and where they all changed into cute nighties.
They then had a group burlesque lesson in the hotel room with their own private instructor, which was interrupted for a little bit to play a game where all the girls wrote down tips for Amanda on how to keep things "spicy" with her hubby. 


After, their Burlesque Lesson, they all ran to the bedroom where they had a giant Pillow Fight!  Looks like so much fun!

And then after the pillow fight they went to the Chateau Marmont for cocktails and then Amanda's favorite restaurant, Osteria Mozza, for dinner where the girls gave her a box which they filled with memorabilia and hand-written notes.  How sweet is that?

And then to end the night they had a dance party in the limo on the way back to the hotel.   Love it!

Now, that sounds like a Bachelorette Party I would love to attend!!

Check out more of Amanda's Bachelorette Party at 100 Layer Cake
photos by The Why We Love

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