Tuesday, May 1, 2012


You have to check out this great new website, Postable

While I was working on the guest list for our wedding, I realized that I only have addresses for a handful of people on the list.  Seriously, unless I have known their address by heart my entire life or they have sent me something in the mail over the last year, I have not a clue where to get their addresses. So, guess what? There is of course a website to help! (Seriously, I need to come up with some great idea!)

Here's how it works:
Postable gives you a personal link that you can send out via email, or on facebook, or however you wish to your friends and family.  The link directs them to a website where they can add their info which magically fills your address book.  You can then export the contacts to your Apple Address Book, Outlook, Gmail, or Excel and you can even print mailing labels.

Postable can also be used as a great tool to send out Christmas cards, birth announcements, baby showers, parties, and just to keep in touch with your friends and family.  They are also working on some web-to-print services, which I am excited to check out.

Check it out here, Postable.

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