Monday, September 26, 2011

All Things Dylan

When it comes to candy, Dylan Lauren has got to be Queen of Candyland.  From her store, to her Bridal Shower, to her Wedding, what is not to love? Since the first time, I was in Dylan’s Candy Bar, I was obsessed.  I LOVEEE CANDY!

She even recently opened a Bar at the NYC store, check out the drink menu here.
I cannot wait to go!!!!
Dylan's Candy Bar Reportedly Opening On UWSDylan's Candy Bar Adds Cocktails to Menu

Dylan's Candy Bar Adds Cocktails to MenuDylan's Candy Bar Adds Cocktails to Menu

From the moment that I heard that she was engaged, I couldn't wait to see pictures of her wedding, but one afternoon a few months ago I was flipping through my newest copy of Martha Stewart Weddings and was sooooo excited to come across her
AMAZING bridal shower!

I am so in love with the LemonDrop & Bubble-Gum Martini Cocktails, the Strawberry Chocolate Bar Invitations from Chocolate Editions by Mary & Matt with illustrations by Darcy Miller herself, and the AWESOME pink & red candy bar!!
  Check out more pics at Martha Stewart Weddings

After the amazing spread in Martha Stewart Weddings on her bridal shower, I was soooo excited to see her Willy Wonka Wedding in InStyle.  And it did not disappoint, I only wish there were more pictures.  But, I did find more on the Dylan's Candy Bar website.  Check it all out below... 

I love the top hats, with the candy buttons! They are so creative!


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